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Work Experience

Work experience often proves to be a very rewarding and valuable time for students, it helps them become independent and gives young people a feel for what it is like in the world of work. They will be able to develop and show to prospective employers evidence of employability skills, extend their understanding of the world of work and learn from contact with personnel from different employment sectors.

Many students find that references from their work experience placement can be a great help in attempting to secure employment or college applications. Increasingly, employees like to see that prospective candidates have work experience.

Graduate recruiters have said that graduates who have had no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have less chance of receiving a job offer on a graduate programme.

The school offers a week of work experience to its Year 10 students to take place during the summer term. There is a strong expectation that, wherever possible, every year 10 student will take part in the scheme. However, those students who are unable to find a placement will stay in school and continue with their normal timetable.

We would strongly recommend students where possible seek further work experience including beyond year 10 during school holidays (these placements however cannot be approved by the school).


To support the ‘whole school’ aim

  • To enhance academic motivation (and therefore progression post 16) by showing the relevance of school subjects, attitudes and skills to working life and thereby enhancing academic achievement.
  • To promote the development of the ‘whole person’ by providing insight into working life, its nature and disciplines, and the changing labour market.
  • To build confidence by enabling young people to experience success in an environment other than that of school.
  • To encourage and improve awareness of employability skills and knowledge about career opportunities.

Could you offer work experience placements?

Gaining first-hand experience of a work environment is often the starting point of a career. Work experience provides many benefits, giving students skills and experience that will allow them to stand out to potential employers as well as help them choose the right sector to work in.  A good placement enables young people to find out about jobs they had not previously considered and to learn what employers will expect of them.

If you are able to offer placements to our students in Year 10, please email: or telephone 0121 706 9771 and ask for the Careers Co-ordinator, Mrs Chachou.