Be the best we can be



Vision, Values and Ethos

The Langley Vision

We want Langley to be respected, admired and desired for its pioneering pastoral care, innovative curriculum, modern facilities and inclusive forward thinking approach that opens doors and changes lives.

Values and Ethos

Our aim as stated in our prospectus is to encourage all within the school 'to be the best that we can be'.  Why is this simple, but over-arching, so central to all we do?  This is our core value for a number of reasons.

  • So our young people are exceptionally well educated.
  • To develop happy, healthy, confident and successful life-long learners.
  • To develop cognitive, social and emotional resilience and resourcefulness.
  • So our students are prepared not for a life of tests but the tests of life.
  • So everyone fulfils their potential, is courteous and considerate to others and supports their community

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