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Useful Careers and Post 16 Websites

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Next Steps & Post 16

National Careers Service  

A comprehensive careers website with job profiles. These profiles outline the skills required, main tasks, pay levels and career prospects for hundreds of different jobs. The NCS provides guidance on the different stages involved in getting a job.


Xello is an online careers education program your child is using in school to help them prepare for the future. It offers a variety of activities that are suitable for children from 11 to 18 years old. These activities help students build self-knowledge, explore their options, and create achievable plans. They develop the 21st-century skills needed to thrive in the world of work.

It’s important for students to take ownership in planning for their future. But the caring adults in their life play an essential supporting role. Use your Xello Family account to see your child’s work in future-readiness. Use this opportunity to discuss and support their future goals and plans.  Contact Mrs Chachou for more information.  Click here for Xello Student Login

Target Careers

Target Careers provides a wealth of information on various career pathways, advice on choosing the best A Levels, CV writing, and an A-Z of jobs.  The information is generally aimed at students who are intending to apply to university or higher-level training programmes after they have completed either A levels or a vocational qualification.

Barclays LifeSkills

Helps young people get the skills and experiences they need to enter the world of work.

16-19 Bursary Fund

Government website providing financial support to young people which may enable them access to help them participate in education and training.


Provides useful videos about a wide range of job roles. This resource will help if you a researching different jobs.

Sector Specific Careers Information:

Future Morph

Future Morph has been set up to show that studying science, technology, engineering or maths beyond the age of 16 isn’t just a one track road to becoming a scientist or engineer – the skills and knowledge you gain are valuable in almost any career and will make you very employable.

Tomorrows Engineers

Routes into engineering. On-the-job, practical and vocational courses which will lead to a career in engineering. The University guide gives a background to the more academic route into an engineering career.

Health Careers


Interested in a career in the health sector? Find out more about the huge range of careers and opportunities offered by the NHS, one of the largest employers in the UK.

Go Construct

This website showcases the many career opportunities available in construction and the built environment.

Creative Careers

Interested in an off-stage career in the theatre? Find out more from Theatre Craft.

Tasty Careers

Careers resources for careers in food, drink and hospitality.

Target Career Sectors

Target Careers provides a wealth of information on various career pathways.

Careers in Sport

The latest news, jobs and careers advice in the Sports Industry.  





The National Apprenticeship Service is a government backed website which shows live apprenticeship vacancies.

Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships

A useful guide for parents/carers on the ins and outs of apprenticeships.

Solihull for Success

Solihull MBC Employment and Skills Team are available to offer support in finding employment or training. 

Post 18 Options:

Which University

A useful website which offers information on university courses as well as providing guidance on choosing the right GCSEs for certain careers.


UCAS is the higher education admissions service. Their website provides very helpful information for students thinking of applying to higher education.  It also contains information on different options, including apprenticeships if you are considering this route as an alternative.

Informed Choices

What you study at sixth form or college can affect your options at university and your future career.

Use informed choices to help you understand which subject choices open up different

Writing CVs and Interviews:

Top 10 Employability Skills   

Looking for a STEM-based career? STEM has compiled together the 10 main skills that employers value. Employability Skills are often based on knowledge, technical skills and attitude skills which employers greatly value in their employees. Nevertheless, these skills apply to many non-STEM careers.

CV's and Cover Letters

The Prospects website provides lots of careers information and examples of CV writing and much more.

Tips for Assessment Centres

Have an upcoming assessment centre and aren’t sure how to prepare? Prospects have compiled useful information that includes an overview of what you might expect and tips to help prepare for the day.

Labour Market Information:

Please see attached Labour Market Information (LMI) obtained from the Office for National Statistics and updated in January 2020

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is the name for facts and figures about jobs and employment. The information is used to give an overall picture of the past, present and future of work. The labour market is the term used to describe the amount of people working and looking for work, and the amount of jobs.