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"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science."  
Edwin Hubble


All students follow a broad, balanced and knowledge rich Science curriculum covering equal content across the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We have developed a curriculum that both allows student to discover and investigate new concepts as well as building in time for mastery of previously learned knowledge. Science is delivered through a variety of practical and theory activities with an emphasis on practical work and linking Science to everyday life and the real world. Students’ scientific literacy is constantly being developed and we encourage students to question the world around them and use their knowledge to explain new and unfamiliar ideas and concepts.

Our department consists of 7 well-equipped laboratories as well as theory rooms and is staffed by 9 specialist Science teachers and 4 technicians.

Key Stage 3 Science

The Science curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and understanding that they will need for both GCSE Science and future study. During KS3, topics are taught on rotation each term allowing for a varied diet of topics and subjects. Students will take part in a range of practical activities that will develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific processes. There is a focus on the experimental skills of planning and investigation, carrying out an experiment and evaluating the results.

At Langley we have developed our own curriculum which prepares students for the demands of our challenging GCSE courses. Information on the topics covered can be found by in the KS3 tab below. We will offer all students the opportunity to purchase a CGP revision guide and recommend that students use this to support their independent study at home and use it in their preparation for assessments.

Key Stage 3 Science Assessment and Revision

Students in Year 7 and 8 will be assessed at the end of each rotation of 3 topics which will fall roughly at the end of each term and will also sit an end of year exam which will cover all content they have been taught through the year. Students, parents and carers will be informed of upcoming assessments on Classcharts. Students in Year 9 will be assessed by two assessments, one covering content from Year 9 and one covering content from their entire KS3 course. The outcomes of these assessments will be used to decide which GCSE course students will follow in year 10 and 11.

To assist students in their preparation for their assessments we recommend that students use their revision guide; alternatively, students can use the websites in the KS3 tab to help them prepare. 

Key Stage 4 Science

In Years 10 and 11 students will follow either the Triple Science or Combined Science GCSE route depending on interest, ability and commitment to learning. Each route involves students studying all three Sciences. However in Triple Science, students will cover topics in more detail with a higher level of challenge. Information about topics taught in each year can be found in the KS4 tab below.

Students are following the AQA Trilogy Specification (8464) if studying Combined Science or the AQA Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462) and Physics (8463) Specifications if studying Triple Science. Links to the specifications and the exam boards information can be found in the KS4 tab below.

Key Stage 4 Science Assessment and Revision

Students are assessed through a series of internal assessments which are completed at the end of each unit of work. Each unit varies in length but as a rough guide students can expect an assessment once every 3 to 5 weeks. Students should be preparing thoroughly for each test and aiming to achieve and indeed exceed their target grade in each one. Staff will contact you if they have any concerns about students’ progress.

As with all GCSEs all examinations are taken at the end of the course and Science GCSEs have no coursework or NEA meaning that a student’s grade is based solely on their terminal examination performance. During the course students have to complete set practical activities which will then be assessed in the examinations. These are normally completed during lesson time; if a student is absent they may have to attend catch up to complete these activities.

Parents/carers will be able to purchase CGP revision materials through school via ParentPay at a discounted rate; details of this are sent home in the first half term of the academic year. There are other revision guides for KS4 Science available. In addition, there are websites in the KS4 tab that students may find useful.

Extra-curricular Activities and STEM

We enrich the Science Curriculum by offering a variety of extracurricular activities which students have the opportunity to participate in. In the past we have run trips to Twycross Zoo, The Natural History Museum, University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University. We also welcome in external companies and guest speakers to work without students on a range of STEM activities. In the past students have had the opportunity to take part in workshops run by Engineers without Boarders, Severn Trent and Learn by Design.