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School Council

Do you want to get your ideas put forward but don’t know how? Well the School Council is your answer; we not only listen to your ideas but also try our hardest to put your ideas into action. As students, school is a major part of our lives, therefore it is important that we have a say in what goes on inside our school.

The School Council is made up of a representative from each Tutor Group and these are combined together to make a Year Council. The Year Councils work together to put forward ideas with the aim of improving Langley.

To achieve these aims, the Council meets regularly to discuss how they can organise upcoming functions. Each year they always try to do something to raise money for charities and to get the whole school involved.

The School Council has organised many fundraising events which have been successful in supporting Children in Need, Sports Relief and Comic Relief.

This year, the Council has played an active role in the interview process for new staff, held a Langley General Election, formed a new committee which oversees student assemblies and was proud to represent the school at the annual Remembrance Day service in Solihull.

Mrs Botley is the School Council organiser, if you have any queries about the council, please  do not hesitate to ask your form representative or Mrs Botley.

Student Quotes

‘As a school we can make a difference.’ - Year 7

‘School Council is a great way to make the school better through pupil communication’- Year 8

‘Without School Council pupils would have no voice’- Year 9

‘Working together will improve our community as a whole’- Year 10

‘Together the Council and students will improve everyday school life’- Year 11