Be the best we can be



“We are always challenged by the teachers to aim higher and achieve more. This can be not just in our performances but also our teamwork and cooperation with each other. I always feel better after PE lessons.”
Year 9 Student

Physical Education

We encourage participation in Sport and our clubs are open to all pupils, regardless of ability. Fixtures are held in all major sports and we enter Borough competitions, Regional tournaments as well as National Tournaments.

Our Aims

In the Physical Education Department we aim to:

  • Enhance the physical development of each child and to promote an active awareness of the relationship between physical fitness and health.
  • Provide scope for self-expression and the development of social, sporting attitudes through a wide and varied programme.
  • Develop personal levels of skill.
  • Enable each child, through physical activity, to experience a sense of achievement, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Teams and clubs:

Cross Country, Football (boys and girls), Rounders, Athletics, Badminton, Netball, Hockey, Swimming, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Benchball, Dodgeball and Rowing  

Key Stage 4                                                                 

In Key Stage 4 students are able to take examinations in the Theory and Practice of Physical Education. This is in form of either a BTEC award or GCSE PE. Students also have the opportunity to gain leadership awards and compete in Inter and Intra form competitions.

The new course in GCSE PE enables students to select the appropriate examination.  The choices are the Double Award, Full Award or Single Award.