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Pastoral Care

Central to everything that we do is our school rule of "courtesy and consideration to others at all times". This sets a high standard of expectation of behaviour both in and outside school.

Our Pastoral care system recognises that daily care and support for all is essential and is the reason we invest richly in this area of the work we do. Leading our Pastoral team is a Deputy Headteacher i/c Pastoral and Safeguarding and an Assistant Headteacher i/c Behaviour for Learning. Each year group is led by a Head of Year and an excellent team of tutors, committed to supportive, pastoral care.  Your child’s Form Tutor will be your first point of contact in school.  We also have four experienced Pastoral Managers and a Reflection Manager that support our young people daily.

The first 10 minutes of each pupil’s day is spent with their Form Tutor in Registration and then they return to they have 20 minutes of Form Time at the end of each day for Personal Development activities or assembly.

Key elements of our highly successful pastoral system include:

  • High expectations of all: all of our students are expected to behave to a very high standard. We value the way our students are supportive, courteous and that they appreciate the importance of appropriate behaviour at all times. In the rare event that a student does not conform to these standards, an appropriate sanction will be applied with the aim of ensuring that the behaviour is modified and future incidents do not occur.
  • Commending achievement: achievement points are awarded for a variety of positive behaviour and effort. An Awards ceremony is held for each year group to celebrate publicly effort and achievement. Those students that have behaved well throughout the year have an end of year reward trip.
  • Continuity: each Tutor and Head of Year tracks the student's progress over the full five years, form tutors remaining with students from Year 7 to Year 11.
  • Communication: regular contact with parents is established through parents' consultation, reports and individual meetings where appropriate.
  • Sharing knowledge: all staff are informed of key information regarding each student's academic and social development. The school has excellent links with, and uses, a variety of support agencies.
  • Partnership with Parents: we value the importance of working together and expect regular contact with parents. We ask that parents arrange appointments when needed and ensure that any relevant information or concern is shared with the Head of Year. Reports on students are issued regularly and a parents' evening with every subject teacher occurs each year. We benefit from an active and supportive Parent Teacher Association, which arranges a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year, and a strong Governing Body.


9 Steps to Success:

  1. Move around the school and enter the classroom in a calm, ordered and positive fashion
  2. Arrive on time and be prepared to work
  3. Listen carefully to and follow any instructions
  4. Accept the teacher’s authority as the classroom manager
  5. Treat your classmates, teacher and other staff with respect
  6. Work to the best of your ability
  7. Ask for assistance when required
  8. Celebrate the successes of others as you would your own
  9. Take pride in your work