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“Music is a unique form of communication that can change the way students think, feel and act.”


To apply for lessons through the music service click on the logo below. More information can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

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Music brings together intellect and feeling and enables personal expression and emotional development. As an integral part of culture, past and present, music helps students to understand themselves and relate to others, forging important links between home, school and the wider world.

Music can influence students’ development in and out of school by fostering personal development and maturity, creating a sense of achievement and self-worth, and increasing students’ ability to work with others in a group context. It also increases self-discipline and creativity.

The department boasts a Music Technology room with a suite of 16 Apple Mac computers that run Garageband software as well as a fully equipped keyboard room. Students at Key Stage 3 alternate their lessons between the two rooms in order to develop both their composing and performing skills. There are also two practice rooms for individual lessons or small group work.  We have a class set of African Djembe drums and ukuleles so that the pupils can engage in a wide variety of music making and appreciate music from a diverse range of cultures.

At Key Stage 3 students actively engage with the core musical activities of composing, performing and listening in order to learn more about both making and responding to music. There is a strong uptake of music at GCSE and results are consistently impressive. Currently Langley use the OCR GCSE exam specification.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities including, Choir, Ukulele group, Chamber orchestra and many different Rock and Pop bands. Instrumental lessons on a variety of instruments are provided by the Solihull Music Service and can be booked online through their website. 

Students have the opportunity to perform for others at Summer and Winter Concerts. There are also regular performances in the community at local primary schools, residential homes and Reynald’s Cross school.  Langley musicians have performed at Abbey Road Studios and feature each year at the Cavern in Liverpool as well as Solihull Music Service Rock and Pop Festival events.