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At Langley, our aspiration for high Literacy levels are not confined to the context of exam success and literacy is embedded as a whole school concern. In fact, high standards of Literacy are innate within our curriculum and underpin every child’s learning journey during their time at Langley. Our Literacy vision is for each cohort, regardless of previous experience, to leave Langley empowered by the ability and confidence that high Literacy levels afford for them to be successful and valued members of society.

When students join Langley in Year 7, they complete the GRT Reading Test. Alongside Key Stage 2 data from feeder schools, we use reading age data to identify students with lower than expected Literacy skills. At Key Stage 3 there is a smaller ‘nurture’ group on each side of the year where students will continue to follow the English curriculum but there is an additional focus on closing Literacy gaps. Furthermore, for students with greater Literacy needs, bespoke Literacy intervention is provided on a 1:1 and 1:2 basis by our specialist Intervention teacher.

At Langley, we run a successful Paired Reading programme for students whose reading age remains below their chronological age. Paired Reading, which is run by members of the English team and our school librarian, pairs each student with one of our Literacy Ambassadors and this programme of peer to peer reading runs during form time. At the end of Year 8, all students will have the opportunity to apply to become Literacy Ambassadors when they reach Year 9. Reading tests are repeated at regular intervals throughout the year and students make excellent progress. A reading book is on our equipment list and all students are expected to have a reading book at all times. Year 7 and 8 students have a Library lesson each fortnight and reading activities are built into the form time programme.

As a result of our robust Literacy Intervention package, most students will have reached the expected standard by the time they reach Key Stage 4. Students who continue to require support might be placed in one of the GCSE English Intervention groups. In these groups, students receive two additional English lessons per fortnight which aim to build on and consolidate the key reading and writing skills required by the GCSE syllabus.

All students, throughout their time at Langley, will develop their spoken Literacy. Quality first teaching demands that students share their thinking confidently and articulately in all areas of the curriculum. Myriad extra-curricular opportunities allow students to hone their skills as confident communicators. There is a robust school council where students are empowered to represent their peers and to share their views on key school decisions such as uniform, the school environment and catering. At different points in their Langley journey, students might be invited to participate in our Student Leadership Programme, subject specific workshops, public speaking competitions, reading groups and young writers’ workshops.  Each October, we celebrate National Poetry Day: our celebrations this year involved pupils attending poetry writing workshops throughout the day. At Langley everyone is a reader and our annual celebration of World Book Day is a whole school event that unites the entire school community in our passion for reading. In every lesson on World Book Day students and staff participate in our reading activities that promote its importance as a driver of improved Literacy skills and good mental health.

Langley’s inclusivity is epitomised by the voices that are empowered by our approach to Literacy.