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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
Edgar Degas

Art & Photography

Art at Langley has a strong presence. There is an impressive gallery space overlooking the hall and two fabulous purpose-built Art studios which provide a practical and creative environment. 

Students enjoy Art in Key Stage 3, where they are encouraged to build confidence in their creativity by developing skills and techniques and experiencing a wide variety of materials and processes.

We now offer Art and Photography at GCSE, both of which are very popular choices and the department is proud of the consistently outstanding results.  Students enjoy the opportunity for personal, creative expression which builds confidence and leads to a sense of personal achievement. GCSE Art students may study Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, 3D Sculpture and Textiles.  GCSE Photography pupils will study photography theory, digital manipulation software and the lighting studio; presenting their work in a range of digital medium.

Langley celebrates students' creativity by displaying their art works throughout the school and, as success breeds success, progressively higher standards are established.  Students are also encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities and after school it is common to find students engaged in creative tasks in the Art rooms.